Agrievolution Summits are held in conjunction with global agriculture industry events at rotating world locations approximately every 18 months in order to share information, bring focus to global industry initiatives and collaborate with world agriculture leaders on relevant issues. Summit participants include Alliance partners, invited associations, government officials, academia, top level farmers and other agricultural stakeholders.

Italian ag equipment association UNACOMA first hosted an Agrievolution Summit in Rome in 2008. Summits were hosted by U.S. equipment manufacturers’ association AEM in Orlando in 2010 and by French association AXEMA in Paris in 2011.
The most recent Summit brought together 140 registrants on December 5-6 in New Delhi, India at the offices of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

Stay tuned for more information on the next edition, which will be held January 21, 2016, hosted by TARMAKBIR (Turkish Association of Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Manufacturers) in conjunction with Agro Eurasia, International Agriculture and Agricultural Mechanization Fair in Istanbul, Turkey.




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